About Me

As a designer, my career is constantly evolving to blend the form and function of the new media landscape. As a creative director, I need a broad range of knowledge in various creative disciplines to effectively navigate the convergence of brand identity and user experience design (UX).

Motivated by my love for design and my zeal for building brands, I strongly believe in devising creative solutions that are centered on principles and goals. Transparency and openness are the key pillars of effective communication and collaboration. I always endeavor to appreciate and respect diverse perspectives, as it helps to inspire individuals to achieve greater success.

Personal Values
“My top three personal values are valuing family first, personal integrity, and having a strong work ethic reinforced by morning rituals and constant improvement. I hold myself to high standards to outwork and outlast yesterday’s achievements while keeping an easy-going frame of mind and never taking myself too seriously.”

This portfolio showcases my experience in leveraging traditional media and digital-first platforms while considering their possibilities and limitations.